From the Camp Coach I’m Jayne Holman. I’m the Camp Jubilee Coach here at Christian Fellowship Assembly. Camp Jubilee is one of our church’s youth outreach programs. Camp is such a great opportunity for our church to get in touch with youth and help them grow up in God. It’s our goal to share with them the magnitude and greatness of God’s love; showing them what accepting Christ as their savior can add to their lives. The atmosphere of camp is very inclusive; we encourage kids to feel free to be themselves without fear of judgment. Our goals as a camp are: To help young people build faith in God, as well as in themselves. To give them a sense of purpose. To spread awareness of the positive movement of God in their lives. To initiate a positive change within themselves and to help spread that change through their daily actions and relationships. We are very excited as Camp will soon be here! The information below will be helpful to you and your camper in preparation for camp.Please take some time to carefully review it. Camp is August 8-14th at Beechwood Hills Christian Camp located at 3144 22nd St., Hopkins, Michigan 49328. We are proud of our camp and feel confident that any child who participates in this program will benefit greatly and enhance their lives.The safety of the children is a priority therefore we offer a structured daily schedule that includes a certified lifeguard and low ratio of campers to counselors and staff.The variety of activities includes scheduled swim time, sports activities, crafts, archery and rock wall climbing. If you have any questions please contact Jayne Holman, Camp Coach at (616) 837-9678. Camp Mailing Address: Your Camper's Name Beechwood Hills Christian Camp 3144 22nd St., Hopkins, Michigan 49328.

What to bring to camp: PERSONAL ITEMS

- Bible

- Soap

- Shampoo

- Toothbrush & toothpaste

- Deodorant

- Sanitary personal items

- Comb & brush

- Towels & washcloth OPTIONAL

- Camera & film

- Stationary & stamps

- Pen or pencil

- Favorite book

- Sunscreen

- Life jacket Sandals for beach CLOTHING

- Old clothing suggested 3-4 Pairs of long pants 4-5 pairs of shorts 1-2 Long sleeved shirts T-shirts 1-2 Sweatshirts 6 sets of underwear

- Sleeping bag

- Dirty laundry bag

- 6 pairs of socks (required) 2 pair of shoes (not sandals) Jacket Pajamas Swimsuit (no 2 piece, tankini ok)

- Beach towel

Please note: It’s a good idea to label personal items!